Hello, my name is Andi GreyScale and I am a digital fractal and abstract artist. My work is available as a wide variety of products and as stock art.

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I dunno man..

The animation style for Sailor Moon Crystal is just fucking awful. The old-school manga style did not translate well into animation and I really wish they had gone with a more beautiful, modern style. Even in the manga, Usagi had more exaggerated expressions than what we’re seeing in the new reboot. And now they make her seem like her face is not capable of more than two boring expressions. They had the chance to make it amazing and just missed the mark by miles. Such a disappointment.

I don’t know if I can continue watching anymore episodes. I cringe every time I see screen caps from it. The art that is shown for the commercial breaks is stunning, but that’s it. Even the transformation sequence is just ridiculous; it looks 3D and doesn’t match the rest of the show. What the hell.

I gotta be honest with ya’ll.

The animation style for Sailor Moon Crystal is absolute shit.

I really wish they went with a modern style. It could have been so damn beautiful and magical.

I think even the style they used for the original series is superior. 

I dunno if I’m even going to be able to finish the series, the animation makes me mentally cringe so damn hard. It’s beautiful in the original manga but it did not translate well at all.

Ew. What a shame.

The Making of Little Witch Academia.

Back in the 8th grade I had wanted to be an animator, and throughout most of high school that still held mostly true, even when my muse abandoned me and I gave up drawing completely. But even to this day I am fascinated at what goes into creating films like Little Witch Academia.

Please enjoy!