For my newest followers! 

04.23.14 ♥ 2

College Drawing class work.

Sorry for the shitacular pictures, I was standing over them so it was kind awkward.

Also I haven’t done any serious drawing in 7 years so this is me trying to play catch up. And I’ve only done pen work once before. XD

I’m also terrible at realism and prefer abstract work, heh. @.@

More at another time!

04.22.14 ♥ 2

Alright, no more Fractals till early next month.

I got finals coming up and drawing pieces for my Drawing class I gotta fix up. And two papers.

Lots to do. @_@

Apologies. I think I’ll take pictures if my current drawings instead to make up for it. But not today, bad lighting. 

04.21.14 ♥ 1

Sorry, no art still. I’ve been having a hard time arting this past few days.

I blame it on the fact that finals are coming up and my motivation tanked. 

04.21.14 ♥ 0

Going to try that tutorial I mentioned before, tonight.

Will see how it goes. O_o

I may even take screenshots of the progress to share. =D

04.19.14 ♥ 0

Oh, I got lots of new followers this past week!

04.17.14 ♥ 0

Creation - April 17th, 2014

I got nothing special to say about this one.

Created and rendered in Apophysis 7x.
Original parameters can be found here.
Print can be bought here.

04.17.14 ♥ 3

Current render. Will take about 11 hours, but it’s also the smaller 4100 size, not my typical 5600.

04.16.14 ♥ 0

April 16th, 2014

Ha, was in the mood to do another City Lights styled piece. >_>
Can you tell this is my favorite style yet?

I got a tutorial on how to change it up, thinking of doing that tonight.

Created and rendered in Apophysis 7x.
Print can be bought here.

04.16.14 ♥ 17

Achromatic - April 16th, 2014

I prefer bright, vibrant colors but it’s nice to have something darker every once and awhile. :3

Created in Apophysis 7x and rendered in Chaotica.
Original parameters can be found here.
Print can be bought here.

04.16.14 ♥ 1

Render is done, but I can’t be bothered to post it today. XD

I’m feeling lazy.

Will post tomorrow!

04.15.14 ♥ 0

And now for something darker. 


04.12.14 ♥ 1

Genuine - April 12th, 2014

I’m thrilled with it.

Open this in another tab for a better view.

Created in Apophysis 7x and rendered in Chaotica.
Print can be bought here.

04.12.14 ♥ 2

Almost done! Less than 2 hours to go. =D

04.12.14 ♥ 2
It's not the final design though. The final design has a much larger head than gareth's statue.

Asked by 54goji

Yes I realize that now. =P I finally got around to watching the extended trailer today and it looks like he has a better design in the film, which makes me so happy. I was worried that screwed up such an iconic monster design. 

04.10.14 ♥ 0